Super Duper Rainbow Cloud, Needle felted art toy, Cloud soft sculpture, Rainbow Cloud designer toy, Handmade Toy Art


Smoke Cloud, soft sculpture, Needle felted Toy Art, Handmade Art Toy, Fiber designer toy, Needle felted Grey Cloud, Fiber Art Toy,


Valentine, the Love Cloud, needle felted Art Toy, plush cloud toy, S. Valentine's Toy Art, felted rainy cloud, love cloud soft sculpture


Peacherette, a sweet peach girl, needle felted art toy, peach art toy, felted art toy


Connie and Strawberry, soft served pink ice cream with strawberry art toy, strawberry and ice cream toy art, needle felted art toy


Connie and Strawberry II, soft served pink ice cream with strawberry art toy, strawberry and ice cream toy art, needle felted art toy


Tiny Toy - Marshmallow Bear, mini Art Bear, needle felted toy art, collectible fiber toy, cute bear, polar bear miniature, winter bear doll


Tiny Toy - Baby Worm in a leaf bed , miniature Art Toy, needle felted art toy, collectible plush toy, cute worm soft sculpture


TINY TOY - Daisy Worm, miniature Art Toy, needle felted worm, kawaii plush toy, collectible art toy


Tiny Toy - Grey Cloud and Raindrop friends, needle felted miniature toy, cute art toy, fiber rainy cloud toy, collectible mini rainy cloud


Happy Raindrop, fiber Art Toy, felted raindrop, kawaii raindrop


Cloudette and stars, needle felted Art Toy - Kawaii cloud wool plush - Ooak felted cloud toy - Collectible Art Toy


Rotten Apple and Worm, halloween inspired Art Toy, needle felted green apple and worm, spooky apple and worm, handmade Art Toy


Pommie and her friend Worm bow, apple and worm wool sculpture, one of a kind needle felted Art Toy


Scoopsie Dragon Fruit, ice cream scoop Art Toy, collectible art toy, fiber art toy, ice cream art toy, ooak designer toy


Scoopsie Cream with Cherry on top, ice cream scoop fiber Art Toy, OOAK felted ice cream wool sculpture, collectible toy art


Scoopsie Mango, a friendly ice cream scoop , one of a kind felt wool plush Art Toy,


Scoopsie Salted Caramel, ice cream scoop art toy, ooak Toy Art kitty, cat ice cream, collector's toy


Scoopsie Black Sesame, ice cream scoop, kitty ice cream, ooak Art Toy, kawaii, collectibe toy


Scoopsie Blueberry a cranky ice cream scoop, felt wool plush toy, custom Art Toy


Scoopsie Orange, a cooool ice cream scoop Art Toy, wool plush collectible toy felted wool art doll


Scoopsie Lime, a talkative ice cream scoop, needle felted Art Toy, ice cream wool plush toy


Popsicle Cat - Cappuccino, needle felted Art Toy, kawaii cat Popsicle plush


Popsicle Bear Lemon - needle felted Art Toy, kawaii popsicle soft sculpture


Youki, the bride fried egg, cute bride soft plush, needle felted collectible Art Toy.


Mr. Rainy Cloud, needle felted Art Toy, wool felt plush toy


Lollie Orange, lollipop girl, needle felted Art Toy, collectible art doll


Lollie Bubblegum lollipop girl, collectible soft toy, needle felted Art Toy


Strawie, a glass of shaggy strawberry juice. anthropomorphic soft sculpture juice, wool plush art toy


Louie, the Birthday Bear. One of a kind Art Bear.


droolwool, delicious toy art designs served in felt wool

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