Mr. Rainy Cloud, needle felted Art Toy, wool felt plush toy


Popsicle Bear - Strawberry shortcake, wool plush Art Toy, kawaii bear popsicle


Popsicle Bear - Trio Mango, Orange, Raspberry, fiber Art Toy, needle felted kawaii popsicle


Popsicle Bear Lemon - needle felted Art Toy, kawaii popsicle soft sculpture


Popsicle Bear - Bubble Gum, needle felted Art Toy, collectible wool plush toy


Popsicle Cat - Cappuccino, needle felted Art Toy, kawaii cat Popsicle plush


Pommie and her friend Worm bow, apple and worm wool sculpture, needle felted Art Toy


Donna, a pink frosted Donut girl Art toy, soft sculpture collectible toy


Lollie Orange, lollipop girl, needle felted Art Toy, collectible art doll


Lollie Bubblegum lollipop girl, collectible soft toy, needle felted Art Toy


Scoopsie Mango, a friendly ice cream scoop , felt wool plush Art Toy,


Scoopsie Orange, a cooool ice cream scoop Art Toy, wool plush collectible toy felted wool art doll


Scoopsie Blueberry a cranky ice cream scoop, felt wool plush toy, custom Art Toy


Scoopsie Lime, a talkative ice cream scoop, needle felted Art Toy, ice cream wool plush toy


Youki, the bride fried egg, cute bride soft plush, needle felted collectible Art Toy.


Strawie, a glass of shaggy strawberry juice. anthropomorphic soft sculpture juice, wool plush art toy


Chok glass of chocolate milk, needle felted Art Toy, soft sculpted art toy


Louie, the Birthday Bear. One of a kind Art Bear.


droolwool, delicious toy art designs served in felt wool

Welcome to droolwool!

Here you will find deliciously cute Art Toys inspired by food and nature designed and made by Maria Filipe Castro aka droolwool.
Unique wool felt sculpted Art Toys that will make you drool!

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