Delicious toy art designs served in felt wool

I'm Maria Filipe Castro a Toy Artist from Portugal.
I create deliciously cute and one of a kind Art Toys in my favorite medium: wool felt!
I started out by crafting with textile materials after I left Fine Arts college. Later my textile experiments evolved into creating sculptural pieces that were hybrids between jewellery and plushes.
In 2012 I've discovered wool felt and the needle felting technique. The three dimensional possibilities of this material ( a bunch of super thin fibers ), excited my senses in a way that I've started felting and never looked back!
In 2014 my first Toy was created, and since then under the name "droolwool" I've been designing and making food and nature inspired characters, hoping to spread smiles all over the world!

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droolwool, delicious toy art designs served in felt wool

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Maria, droolwool